About us

Bryggvingen is a restaurant located on the island of Lyr on the southwest coast of Orust.

We are known for our fantastic location, fresh ingredients, and freshly caught fish, much of which we catch ourselves with our fishing boat.
In our fish shop, we sell our own caught delicacies from the sea, along with Take Away, homemade bread, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Bryggvingen café & fish shop started in 2008.
In 2012, the café transformed into a restaurant, and together with the fish shop, it underwent an expansion in a first phase in 2016, followed by further development in a second phase in 2017/2018, and finally, a third and last phase in 2019.

The ambition has always been to serve self-caught seafood and fish dishes in an environment inspired by the sea, tranquility, and arguably one of the world’s most beautiful views